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We’ve now finished collecting applications. Cat’s sorting through them and will be in touch with everyone in due course.

Hello! Ex Stasis Games is gearing up for our next crowdfunding project: Death Throes, a zombie outbreak RPG. We’re looking for:

  1. Artists with a bold, comic book/graphic novel style for interior art
  2. Writers with a love for zombie horror to craft 1,000 word scenarios. Previous TTRPG experience not essential.

Art is the main goal of the crowdfunding campaign (along with a print run); the scenarios will be stretch goals.

The crowdfunding won’t start until at least mid-June 2022, and we expect art and writing to be wrapped by end of July at the very latest. Because we’ve got deadlines, conventions to prep for, and other Stuff Going On, it’s likely you won’t hear from us until early June. We’re sorry in advance for the wait.

Ex Stasis Games is a tiny TTRPG publisher run by Cat and Lore Evans. We make zines and small RPGs, with our biggest project to date being Dreadful Realms, a dark fantasy setting for D&D 5e. You can see most of our books here:

We pay a minimum of US$0.10 per word for writing.
Rates for artwork depend on the specific piece (e.g. size and complexity), but we’ll make sure it’s worth your time.


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