Death Throes: What is it? Why do I care?

Death Throes is a roleplaying game designed to tell character-driven, impactful stories about Survivors in the early hours, days, and even weeks of a zombie outbreak. A.K.A. the good bit. The outbreak’s the part where there’s still hope: that you, and the world, can go back to the way it was. And that’s what makesContinue reading “Death Throes: What is it? Why do I care?”

Freelancer Call

We’ve now finished collecting applications. Cat’s sorting through them and will be in touch with everyone in due course. Hello! Ex Stasis Games is gearing up for our next crowdfunding project: Death Throes, a zombie outbreak RPG. We’re looking for: Artists with a bold, comic book/graphic novel style for interior art Writers with a loveContinue reading “Freelancer Call”