Dreadful Realms: Caverns of the Wise Minister Softcover


Dark fantasy setting, compatible with 5e.

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Caverns of the Wise Minister is a dark fantasy setting using 5e rules. Halfway between the realms of life and death, a new civilisation of lost souls has sprung up under the thrall of a creature older than gods that calls itself The Wise Minister.

In Caverns, you play denizens of the city of Sepulchre, descendants of those plucked from their homes on the surface, trying to forge a new life in the darkness of the Underworld. If you’re clever, quick, and fortunate, and you live long enough to find your niche, you might learn how you got here. Maybe you’ll even set things right.
Caverns of the Wise Minister Setting Guide includes 5 new playable races, 4 new subclasses, and 5 new backgrounds, as well as new monsters, spells, magic items, and equipment. Additionally, we have devised new, setting-appropriate mechanics for Social Standing and enhanced Darkness rules.

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