Death Throes


Zombie outbreak RPG. Play through the first fraught hours and days of the outbreak. Hope. Fail. Hurt.

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Death Throes is a game about the very beginning of the apocalypse: the early stages of a zombie outbreak, when there’s still a chance the infection can be contained and the world can go back to the way it was.

Death Throes is a Rooted in Trophy game. That means it uses the core Trophy mechanics to tell a story about escalating risk and characters pushing themselves to their limits. It creates deeply character-focused stories with heights of tension and emotion. However, it’s a completely self-contained game: you don’t need anything but the Death Throes rulebook to play.

With a few six-sided dice and a simple character sheet, players can quickly create a Survivor with motives, drives, and skills, and throw them into the worst events of their lives. Some of them will fail. Some will die, or become monsters. But they’ve all got a powerful reason to live.


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