Last Night on Earth


You have one night to live. Make it count.

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You’re becoming a monster.

You were bitten by a werewolf, infected by a zombie virus, or injected with an experimental mutagen. You made a deal with a devil (or an angel, or one of the fey), or – woe upon woe – you’re a revenant, back from the dead. You’re cursed… or you’ve taken the place of someone who is.

You have one night to live.

Or at least, one night before you no longer recognise yourself – and you have unfinished business to complete, a burden to set down.

Make it count.

The more you push yourself, the more you embrace your nature and the faster you run down your remaining time… but if you don’t push yourself, you’ll die, or die again, or become a monster, and leave your burden unburied.

Last Night On Earth is a 32-page booklet containing everything you’ll need to play (except a handful of six-sided dice) and comes with a sample scenario to get you started quickly.


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