TTRPG Credits

Ex Stasis Games co-founder, Cat Evans, also takes on freelance work for TTRPG publishers, including: Wizards of the Coast DDAL09-09 Ruined Prospects Paizo Pathfinder Bounties #19: Grim Tidings (due out summer ’22) Onyx Path Publishing Trails of Ash & Bone (V5) The Operatives Dossier (M20) Lore of the Traditions (M20) Forgotten Ones & Forbidden OrdersContinue reading “TTRPG Credits”

Freelancer Call

We’ve now finished collecting applications. Cat’s sorting through them and will be in touch with everyone in due course. Hello! Ex Stasis Games is gearing up for our next crowdfunding project: Death Throes, a zombie outbreak RPG. We’re looking for: Artists with a bold, comic book/graphic novel style for interior art Writers with a loveContinue reading “Freelancer Call”